Interactive Media

Interactive media consist of videos, presentations, animations and other forms of digital media that further enhance your web site, application or CD ROM projects. Through the use of Flash, Rich Internet Applications and PowerPoint we are able to offer turn-key solutions to your interactive marketing needs.

Adobe Flash Development

Having advanced beyond its early role as an animation tool, Flash is now used to create powerful, engaging and interactive motion graphics capable of being delivered to audiences across any platform or device that supports the Flash player.

Flash applications and uses include:

* Engaging Interactive Web sites

 - Fully interactive, data driven web sites

 - Web site animation and enhancement elements

 - Games and animated marketing messages

 - Animated banner advertising

 - Video players (similar to YouTube)

* Interactive CD ROMs that can be used for the following:

  - Stand alone presentations

  - Interactive sales pieces

  - Annual reports or handbooks to reduce paper usage

  - Portable web sites

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) have many advantages over traditional web applications. The main advantage of RIA’s is their ability to be deployed seamlessly across all browser platforms and desktops without the worry of cross-platform issues and bugs.

Adobe Air

Adobe Air is used to take existing HTML/Ajax, Flex, or Flash web development projects and deliver them to the desktop. This allows for existing web development efforts to be used once while complementing the browser by providing the same application development and deployment benefits.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations in the past have consisted of your basic template and slide show of text and graphics in a flat format. In today’s day and age, you have the ability to produce a more professional, high-end PowerPoint presentation that uses animation, video and sound to convey your message or brand. These capabilities can advance a PowerPoint presentation from a mere static communication tool to a rich media experience that is sure to leave an impression.

We have designed and developed templates using this new format and our clients are always ecstatic with the results. If you need to create a presentation that offers more than your average PowerPoint slide show can convey, please get in contact with us and we will guide you in the right direction.

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