Design and Engineering

As a product packaging design agency, our in-house network of designers will combine design expertise and creativity with your vision and needs. These professionals carefully consider a number of critical points before beginning your packaging design. What is your product and how will it be displayed? What are your protection requirements? What is the targeted retail environment? What is your company's image? Do you have any budgeting or scheduling requirements? Could you encounter any shipping concerns?

Custom Product Packaging Technology

Using the latest CAD technology, our designers will find the best solution for your needs. Do you need some point of sale (POS) displays or custom corrugated packaging? We have expertise in product packaging design and POS display design. As part of our contract packaging services, we will provide a digital rendering and/or full mock up of a three-dimensional display before you commit to plates and dies. Color schemes and structural changes can usually be made in a matter of hours.

We offer certified in-house labs to test your package for fragility, instrument shock, cushioning, drop testing and creep vibration, ensuring it complies with your requirements. Our engineers can certify our structural designs to make sure your product arrives at its destination, helping to eliminate claim issues. Our facilities are temperature and humidity controlled to guarantee that our tests show accurate and consistent results under any circumstances.

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